Othinian: The Other Side of Fear

| March 2, 2016


Othinian: The Other Side of Fear

One Girl. One Choice. The fate of a kingdom will be decided.

When fifteen-year-old Alessa’s little brother falls deathly ill, her only hope of saving him is to make the difficult journey across the kingdom to find the evil King Natas who she has been told may have a cure. Along the way, she meets an intriguing boy named Kaylan, and to her surprise, he offers to help her on her quest. As they grow closer on their journey, strange things happening around them lead to a terrible discovery: their entire kingdom may be in danger!

Can Alessa overcome her fears in order to save her family and make a critical choice that will determine the fate of her people?

Othinian: The Other Side of Fear is a teen fantasy adventure novel about the life changing journey of one girl whose simple quest to save her brother leaves her with the sole power to make a decision that will affect the entire kingdom.

Othinian Series:

Book 1: The Other Side of Fear

Book 2: The Other Side of Courage


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