Blue Death: The Awakening (A Dr. Jack Middleton Thriller Book 1)

| March 3, 2016


Blue Death: The Awakening (BLUE DEATH - A DR. JACK MIDDLETON THRILLER Book 1)

People all over New York are being struck down by a stalking killer.

And it appears a lot like your family and friends…


As the world’s leading virologist, Jack Middleton is obsessed with viruses — the deadlier the better. He has long been predicting an outbreak of bird flu, but nothing can prepare him for the horror that is about to unfold.

When people start being admitted to hospitals with a deadly new virus, Jack’s life is turned upside down.

Together with esteemed epidemiologist Kate Sharpe, he must use all his skills to track down the source of the worldwide outbreak and crack the genetic code of the virus before it’s too late.

It’s a terrifying account of what will happen if bird flu mutates to humans. The UK’s most renowned flu expert, virologist Professor John Oxford, describes Blue Death as “scientifically realistic’ with great “pace and dynamics.”


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