Edison’s Way: The Inventor’s Rules To Unlock, Unfold, and Expand Creativity (Creativity Inc. Book 3)

| March 4, 2016


Edison's Way: The Inventor's Rules To Unlock, Unfold, and Expand Creativity (Creativity Inc. Book 3)

Throughout our lives, there is one thing that influences everything that we do, creativity. In our professional lives, our social lives and our relationships, it is the one thing that we sometimes take for granted and don’t completely appreciate, until we are struggling with it!

When you look around and see some of the amazing things that people are creating you, often think “Wow, that’s fantastic, I wish I were creative like them!” The thing is, everyone is creative, we just need to know how to harness that creativity! Using the tips and techniques provided in this book, you will gain great creativity, just like some of the greatest inventors in the history. Download Edison’s Way now and finds out how you can unleash your creativity!!!

Creativity isn’t something that some people are born with and others aren’t. Creativity is inside all of us, the problem is that sometimes we lose sight of our own creativity, and we need guidance to help us discover it again. We all need creativity, it is what sets us apart from other people, it helps us at work to stand out from the crowd, and it helps us to maintain healthy relationships with our family and loved ones.

Knowing how to tap into our creativity and use it when we want, not just in small, brief flashes in an important lesson to learn, one that we can take throughout our lives wherever we find ourselves.

Inside Edison’s Way You Will Discover:

  • What Exactly Is Creativity
  • The Different Levels of Our Creativity
  • How to Discover Your Own Creativity
  • Many Different Ways to Inspire Your Creativity
  • How to Regain and Improve Your Creativity
  • Different Techniques to Build Your Creative Thinking Skills
  • Why Creativity Is Important Throughout Your Life
  • How Creativity Can Bring Success to the Different Areas of Your Life & Much More!!!

We all live underneath this misunderstanding that amazing people have been born with intense levels of creativity that they can channel into whatever they like. The truth is, we all have the same levels of creativity inside us, the real challenge that we need to learn is how to access that creativity when we need it.

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