Compile:Quest (The Corrupted SUN Script Book 1)

| March 4, 2016


Compile:Quest (The Corrupted SUN Script Book 1)

Centuries after the day solar storms ravaged the earth, the world lies divided: one half a utopian prison, the other a ruthless military dictatorship. Two women from disparate halves of this frightening future earth become entangled in an archaic conspiracy that threatens the existence of all of mankind. Now each must overcome their own flaws and personal vendettas to bring a halt to the elite’s plan for mass genocide.

Peppermint is like every other Denizen trapped inside the utopian splendor of the Africa Dome: hedonistic, self-centered, and utterly naive.

When she discovers she’s a psi with prophetic abilities, her perfect world collapses. She’s imprisoned and forced into endless, nightmarish sessions with a merciless scientist determined to break her. But Onyx’s attentions begin to reveal a dark truth behind the domes and the denizens residing within, one she must fully uncover if she is ever to save her people from the coming war.

Living under a harsh military dictatorship deep in the African savanna, life is a constant struggle for Jinx.

Revenge propels this volatile soldier into the center of an underground colony of rival diggers, where she plans to find the person responsible for murdering her mother. When her search leads her to straight to the enigmatic leader of the colony – a man who’s as mercurial as he is dangerous – Jinx must decide if she’s willing to sacrifice her dignity to learn the truth behind her mother’s untimely death.


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