The Magic Formula: How to Magically Attract the Life You Most Want

| March 5, 2016


The Magic Formula: How to Magically Attract the Life You Most Want

What if you could magically attract a wonderful life that you wholeheartedly loved?

By the end of reading this page, you will know if you want to get The Magic Formula or not. Here’s why you might want to get it.

Because I promise you that The Magic Formula helps you to identify specifically what you truly want to be, do, or have in your life. Using the laws of attraction, you will learn how to manifest happiness in life.

And the book then shows you how to magically shift your living energy field, your body/soul energy to successfully attract the life you most want.

Tip: It’s not just about money. It’s about prosperity. What’s the difference?

Money is just stuff. And you know that generally, more money doesn’t lead to more happiness. Prosperity comes with satisfaction in life. It is the key to happiness.

Imagine …

… the morning sun warms you, the birds gently call, the breeze wafts through the open windows, and you feel truly content in your lovely home and in your life.

Daily, you express your gifts, talents, and your native genius in ways that fulfill you and serve others.

You make a difference.

You love the people around you, and you know in your heart they love you. You can count on them, and they can count on you. You have created a wonderful “village” for yourself.

You feel embraced by the Sacred. You live in Presence. Your eyes twinkle with delight.

As you reflect on the bounty in your life, naturally, your heart fills with gratitude. You smile as you recall where it all started not so very long ago…

Can you see yourself in a story like this? Would you like to?

What would your life look like if you had more of what you wanted and less of what you didn’t want?

My book, The Magic Formula can very simply lead you to a wonderful life. Really.

Would your success story include overcoming insurmountable obstacles?

Would you overcome the limitations others have put on you?

Would you easily avoid disaster that’s around the corner stalking you?

Would you overcome setbacks?

Would the victory be surprisingly rapid?

What happy, successful conclusion would you have?

Who would be at your triumphant celebration?

Can you trust William Wittmann to deliver the goods?

You know the question, “If you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich.”

“Well, I have succeeded in my own life with the very same strategies I show you in the book.” I respond. “In fact, I test drive everything in my own life before I offer it to you.”

“It’s like this,” I continue, “I road test new ideas and techniques myself fist. Then if they are successful, I might suggest them to my private clients. Lastly, I will pass the ideas along in a book.”

“So you have really tested it out then,” you say.

“Yep. And the testing helps me to figure out where I need to make improvements. So, you get a fully operational strategy by the time you buy the book.”

The Exceptional Difference

The core principle of The Magic Formula sets it apart from all other forms of manifesting I have seen.

This magic occurs when you use the simple method.

Just like a powerful magnet faithfully attracts iron every time, the method you employ using The Magic Formula affects you in an amazing way by converting your living energy field, your body/soul energy into a magnetic-like field that dependably attracts the life you wholeheartedly desire.

You will read more about this in the book.

If this resonates for you, get the book.

Note: My book Simply Serene: How to Calm Down, Reduce Stress, Deal with Stress, and Be Instantly Alert and at Peace contains an abbreviated version of the Magic Formula. This is the full expanded version.


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