Diary of a Zombie Detective: The Case of the Blown Up Creeper

| March 5, 2016


Diary of a Zombie Detective: The Case of the Blown Up Creeper {An Official Minecraft Book}

To protect and serve all . . . including monsters?

In Ashley Witty‘s adventure story—The Case of the Blown Up Creeper: Minecraft Diary of a Zombie Detective—Rusty, a rookie zombie detective is assigned to his first case protecting monsters and detecting evil as part of MAYO (Monsters Against Your Oppression), with his partner Detective Grump Zombie. Together, the two set out to find the guilty party suspected of blowing up a Creeper. But doing so won’t be easy, especially when your main witness is very forgetful and the other witnesses refuse to talk. The two detectives won’t give up, though. Following up on their most reliable lead, they soon realize that their first case may also turn out to be their last.

Will they find the evil doer? And if so, at what cost?

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