Elf End (Book One of the Magic Eternal Series)

| May 25, 2013


Elf End (Book One of the Magic Eternal Series)

Twelve year-old Katine: loner, magical wild child, and last surviving elf in the world.

And now orphan . . . again.

Katine doesn’t know how everyone in her rickety, fish-stinky village came to mysteriously disappear, but she’s not about to abandon the man who fished her cold and limp from the sea all those years ago. And she doesn’t care who or what she has to go through to find him. Whether it’s crotchety rocks, schizophrenic pirates, poetic monsters, tea-addled wizards, or mouthy princesses, Katine will endure it all to find her stepfather.

Even if it means giving up magic itself.

Well, maybe not the magic . . .

The Magic Eternal series is a four-volume adventure that encourages readers of all ages to guard the magic of their creative passions against the erosion of everyday life.


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