Yorkshire: God’s Own County.: Discover What Makes Yorkshire Great!

| March 9, 2016


Yorkshire: God's Own County.: Discover What Makes Yorkshire Great!

Yorkshire: God’s Own County. Discover What Makes Yorkshire Great!

Yorkshire. The biggest and best county in England. So much tradition and history. So many things to see and do. A good number of which you may not be familiar with. So let’s put that right shall we? Over the 18,000 words in this book please allow me, a natural born Yorkshireman, to show you why my home county is such a great place by introducing you to my personal selection of Yorkshire greatness including language, tradition, scenery, food culture, industry and plenty more.

I was born and raised in Yorkshire and I have lived in the county for most of my life. I can therefore bring my own personal knowledge, perspective and experience to this book as I discuss why the county is the fantastic place it is and show you many of the thing which make it so.

I will even teach you how to speak Yorkshire and to sing our national anthem!

Just some of the things which make Yorkshire great and waiting for you to read about in my book are:

    • Henderson’s Relish


  • Yorkshire Tea



  • The Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors National Parks



  • Wensleydale Cheese



  • Sheffield Steel



  • Coal Mining



  • And many others too



This book is approximately 18,000 words long. Many photographs are included.

Download your copy today!

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