Diary of a Ghast: Escaping the Nether

| March 12, 2016


Diary of a Ghast: Escaping the Nether {An Unofficial Minecraft Book}

Escaping the Nether: No one knows if getting out is even possible. But, everyone knows if it is, it won’t be easy

Short Story/ 5000 words

In Ashley Witty‘s delightful adventure story—Escaping the Nether: Minecraft Diary of a Ghast—a villager by the name of Chuck gets sucked away from his cottage into the fiery Nether, a hot, humid cavernous place at the world’s core filled with monsters (and no ice cream). He makes friends with Hutch who has always lived in the Nether. Together, they search for a way to the Upper World of Minecraft, hoping but not knowing if a way out actually exists, at least not for their kind. Their quest for peaceful daylight may or may not be possible, but if it is, it won’t be easy. Will Chuck and Steve find a portal to freedom?

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