Awarded to the Alien (The Euthenian Battle Book 1)

| March 6, 2016


Alien Romance: Awarded to the Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance (The Euthenian Battle Book 1)

A Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance

Introducing Awarded to the Alien, book one in the hot and sexy new The Euthenian Battle series by Ashley L. Hunt…


Kerr, the Alpha male, the Prince of The Euthenian Nebula, is a man with a mission to unite Earth and his planet.

Kataline, a strong and well-educated young woman and the first of the genetically modified females to be awarded to an alien.

She’s not happy with her predetermined fate.

He thinks it will be easy to handle her.

Something changes when they see each other…

But …

Some promises are meant to be broken…

Some others have different plans for the young couple, other than mating…

An uprising stage at The Euthenian Nebula, while the Royal family and their guards are away on Earth!

“Take her to the holding chamber.”

Is it really Kataline’s fault? Is she just a pawn in all this? What will happen between the Prince and his new Princess?


*A hot and sexy Sci-Fi Alien romance, perfect for fans of A.G. Riddle, Ruby Dixon and Calista Skye *

Note: This book contains some strong language. We felt it was important for the censorship theme of the novel. If such words offend you, you might not enjoy this book.


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