The High Moon Bar: Adrift and Accursed

| March 6, 2016


The High Moon Bar: Adrift and Accursed: (Paranormal Shifter Romance Short Story)

Love, the impossible, and an endless supply of all kinds of alcohol can be found at The High Moon. Among the unbelievable denizens that frequent it are people that aren’t truly people, things that aren’t really there, and magic in all forms of creation. This story, however, only follows a girl and a boy as they work their job at the busiest supernatural nightclub and all the strange and lasting connections they make during their tenure.

Synnora, the girl, is a young and budding witch with a knack for astral projection and a slight crush on her handsome enigmatic boss, Drex. Between learning how to make potions that allow you to breathe underwater, dealing with her gorgeous but feisty supervisor, Winona, and learning what it means to be a witch, Synnora already has her hands full. Then, when the handsome new werewolf sets foot in the bar, and she finds herself inexplicably close to him, her world becomes more confusing.

Clyde is a recently turned werewolf with a rugged jawline and a checkered past that he can’t seem to get away from. When Clyde finds himself in the clutches of an angry grim reaper, the only way out lies within the magical walls of The High Moon, where he makes connections and has to make the ultimate decision. Whether to save his new friends or himself.

So, what are you waiting for? The moon is high, the drinks are cold, and the crazy characters in the bar are always down to buy a round. Join us as we embark on a trail of magic, wonder, love, and death. Just kidding there’s no death.

Or is there?


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