Watch Out For The Bears!

| March 7, 2016


Children's Book - Watch Out For The Bears! - (Bedtime story, Early Reader, Picture Book)

An Illustrated Bedtime Story

The man who looked after the weather said to his son, “Tom, it’s time you learnt how to do my job. I’m going into town tomorrow and I want you to look after the weather huts.”

“I can do that,” Tom said with a smile.

So the next morning Tom waved bye to his dad as he got into his van.

His dad called out, “Watch out for the bears!”

“Watch out for the what?” Tom called back.

“The bears that live in the forest!” his dad shouted.

Tom shook his head.

Bears that lived in the forest!

He’d never seen any bears.

What was his dad talking about?

Tom soon finds out …


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