Jenna The Helmsworth Project Book 3)

| March 7, 2016


SCIENCE FICTION: JENNA: Sci-Fi Genetic Engineering Short Story (The Helmsworth Project Book 3)

Twenty- one- year- old Jenna is an empath and Jenna is the black sheep of the Helmsworth family. She is the only one of her three siblings to rebel against her parent’s mother and father’s idea of good parenting: leaving their children for weeks at a time, insisting they didn’t talk to law enforcement, relying on no one but each other, and never dreaming of leaving their sleepy Colorado town.

Jenna spent her college career studying the mind, hoping that she could some day understand her family, and better control the emotions that increasingly caused her pain —a pain that forced her to put her studies on hold and return home for the summer.

Upon awakening from a prescription haze, Jenna discovers that her childhood home’s been destroyed, she’ has been abandoned by the brother who was supposed to watch over her, and she’s being kept in the dark by the sister who believes she’s only doing what’s right. Her siblings are living up to some of the bad parts of their parents’ legacy, while all three of them are in danger of being forced to relive a past none of them can remember.

It falls to Jenna to find a way forward for her family, provided her own mind doesn’t betray her before she can convince them to follow her lead.

Reading Order for this Coming of Age Science Fiction Series:

1. Claire

2. Brian

3. Jenna

4. Prodigy’s Promise


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