Dear Muse (Those Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Book 1)

| March 7, 2016


Dear Muse (Those Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy Book 1)

A gripping account of the weird for fans of H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Machen.

After arriving at a small island commune to escape her war-torn homeland, nineteen-year old Sophia starts a diary to confide her secrets and record the lives of her fellow refugees. Despite the lofty ideals for the community’s future, the people prove unable to shed their past grievances, impeding the potential prosperity with petty squabbling.

Tasked with teaching the children, Sophia concocts an elaborate story to ease their anxieties and her ennui. She tells them of a world called Lakustria, inhabited by two groups: the bloodthirsty Kel and the mysterious Kay. Chronicling the beginning of their civilization and its many wars, the tale succeeds in entertaining the students.

But shortly after she pens the story into her diary, Sophia’s community is faced with a series of unexplainable events. Near the brink of civil war, they turn their anger and fear toward the supernatural force menacing the surrounding wilderness. Sophia feels compelled to visit this uncharted territory, thinking it the source of the overwhelming dread that’s been creeping into her thoughts. When faced with the island’s horrors directly, she is left wondering if the story of Lakustria was a product of her own mind or some otherworldly inspiration closer to truth than fiction. Either way, Sophia and her neighbors soon find themselves participants in the final act.


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