Frank Blondie Bradley: To Hell and Back in 24 Hours

| March 8, 2016


ACTION :Frank Blondie Bradley: To Hell and Back in 24 Hours

A Thrilling Roller Coaster That Keeps You Guess Until the Last Page

How Much Revenge Can an Angry Delta Force Soldier Wreak On His Own?

Frank Bradley’s best friend and Delta Force buddy, Jake Drury stumbled into his apartment next to death. But, before Jake can be taken to the hospital, someone carjacks the ambulance and critically wounds a paramedic.

Bradley immediately sets off to avenge his fallen hero, but every step he takes leads to more questions than answers and to increasingly dangerous situations.

He may be a one man assault team, but is Bradley up to the challenge of solving the mystery of who is behind Jake’s death with mourning his friend and dealing with all the other demons he has battled his entire life?

Bradley quickly finds the city to be as formidable a hiding place for his enemies as the jungle ever was. When Bradley realizes he’s up against professionals as good as himself, but without any morals, he has to decide if he asks for help or goes it alone. What he doesn’t know is how much collateral damage he may cause by going it alone or how many more of his friends will die if he asks for their help.

This explosive story of cunning, corruption, and violence takes a hold of you and refuses to let go until you and Bradley find all the answers.

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