Cover Up (Missing in Action Trilogy Book 2)

| March 14, 2016


Cover Up: Mystery and Suspense (Missing in Action Trilogy Book 2)

John Watson is given the option to save only one person he truly cares for. Racing against the clock, he cannot help but feel as if he had made the wrong decision. He finds himself having to make a life altering decision, and everything around him seems to be falling apart. While he is battling with his demons, another is battling her own.

Olivia Shapiro had finally found out the truth about Carlisle Castro, a man she was convinced had killed her mother. Giving the evidence to Mr. Watson, she waits to see what can be done, but as time passes her husband is found dead. Soon she is fueled by anger, and she is seeking vengeance for the man she lost – the man she loves.

At long last, everything seems to be going their way, but not after some difficult decisions had to be made. Those who had used Carlisle Castro to cover up were finally punished for their crimes, and soon it is easier for everyone to breathe. For a while, everything dulls down, but not before young Meghan Malone is abducted from her apartment. No one knows how much time she has left on the clock before her captors get what they want.

‘Mystery: Cover Up – Suspense Thriller Mystery’ is the second book in the ‘Missing in Action’ Trilogy by author H. B. Rae.


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