Why Agile Is Failing At Large Companies (And What You Can Do So It Won’t Fail At Yours)

| March 15, 2016


Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies: (and what you can do so it won't fail at yours)

Do you know what Agile will do to your company?

The dirty little secret, the thing no one wants to talk about, is that changing your software development practices to be one flavor or another of Agile may be a bad thing for other parts of your company. Changing those other parts of your company so it all fits together again may be so expensive that the return on the investment is not worth it.

Before jumping on the Agile bandwagon, before starting down the path of tearing your company apart and rebuilding it, spend a little time investigating how big the change might be and if it will be worth it.

Ms. Winters reviews a variety of software development practices, both Agile and those that pre-date Agile, to give you some ideas of what adopting those practices might mean to other parts of your company. Procurement, accounting, human resources, facilities, portfolio, risk and compliance, and security are just a few areas that can be impacted by the adoption of Agile software development practices.


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