Gross Science (Simple Science Series 2)

| March 10, 2016


Gross Science: Simple Science: an easy to read book (Simple Science Series 2)

Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited Early learning about science is important to foster a love of science. Children love to ask why? The Simple Science Series will help children to learn about their world in a fun way. Gross Science talks in a frank way about things that may be considered gross–blood, feces and vomit. Why does the vet want our dog’s poop? Why do I have to pee in a cup? Why does my friend have to stick her finger everyday at lunchtime? Gross science introduces children to the part of science that helps doctors and scientists to learn about our bodies–whether they are healthy or sick. (Some pictures of surgery may disturb the very young.)

The book is arranged with words on one page and a picture on the next to allow young children to begin to learn about science topics that interest them. If you enjoy reading Gross Science please leave a review and share so others can enjoy the book too. If you want to be notified when the next Simple Science book is on the shelf, go to and sign up with your email address.

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