Marty’s Conflict (Cousins of Bird in Hand Series Book 4)

| March 10, 2016


Amish Romance: Marty's Conflict: Short Amish Romance Story (Cousins of Bird in Hand Series Book 4)

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Martha Graber is the ideal Amish daughter. Her obedience and adherence to the Amish ways lead her to be baptized as soon as she possibly could. Now, four years later, she is faced with temptation.

Robbie Bronson enters her life, stealing her heart and her senses, but she fights against her feelings for the handsome Englischer. Being Amish is all that she’s ever wanted and she won’t let romantic feelings intervene.

The cousins find out about the crush and are equally amazed and excited. They’ve never seen Marty blush before, but Robbie has her emotions flying in every direction.

A surprise regarding Robbie’s family and a revelation about his past change everything. Marty’s heart is in turmoil. Will she leave the Amish life for a chance at love, or will Robbie be able to convert to a dramatically different life?

Come see what happens in the final book of Cousins of Bird in Hand.


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