Hold On To Your Fork

| March 14, 2016


Hold On To Your Fork

From the poetic mind of the Rev. John Wiley Evans, with God serving as Muse, comes this collection of over 150 poems and twelve songs. Always engaging and witty, some of the poems and songs address solemn issues of the soul, while other are both humorous and provactive.

Rev. Evans has always had a bent towards poetry, whether by having his grade-school students memorize and recite classic works of verse, or by writing his own. A prolific poet, he is a former recipient of the Fellowship of Christian Poet’s coveted “Poet of the Year” award, frequently drawing on his experience as an ordained minister, a retired teacher, a husband, a father, an observer of the human condition, and as a redeemed child of God.

The author of a previous book of poetry (At Evening It Shall Be Light), Reverend Evans is pleased to offer you, the reader, this collection of original Christian poems and songs, with glory to God, the giver of every perfect gift.

“The poetry of Reverend Evans provides vivid testimony to his love for the Lord Jesus and the souls of mankind. Rooted in Scripture and springing from a profound faith, the wide variety of themes makes this collection a valuable resource for evangelism, instruction, and edification.” — Rev. Paul W. Downey, D.B.S, Ph.D., author of “More Than Spectators: Fulfilling Your Role in the Local Church, Trusting God When Life is Hard: A Fresh Look at the Life of Jacob, and A Life of Conquest: Studies in Joshua.


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