My Zombie Honeymoon: Love in the Age of Zombies Book One

| March 14, 2016


My Zombie Honeymoon: Love in the Age of Zombies Book One

A sweet, sensual tale of love, romance and survival amidst chaos, despair… and zombies.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, Kevin Williams has a problem. The grid is down, humanity is on the brink of annihilation, and zombies walk the streets, hungry for human flesh. But that’s not the problem.

He’s well stocked with food, water, and alcohol. His array of solar panels provides electricity to grow fresh food in his hydroponic garden and power his few electronics. He’s safe, secure, and well fed. But his problem haunts his dreams and fills his waking hours with dread.

His terrifying problem: He’s in love.

Michelle, his house-mate and former next door neighbor is everything he could want in a woman: she’s intelligent, easy on the eyes, an excellent zombie killer, and has large breasts. She even has a sense of humor. But falling in love with her is an event he never factored into his carefully constructed plans.

Fighting off deadly intruders and hiding from blood-thirsty zombies is child’s play compared to the ordeal of facing his own inner demons as together they begin life anew after The Collapse of humanity.

Join Kevin and Michelle in this frightening, sweet, erotic tale of love, romance and survival following the zombie apocalypse.


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