We Kill Death (The We Kill Death Trilogy Book 1)

| March 16, 2016


We Kill Death (The We Kill Death Trilogy Book 1)

Praise for We Kill Death

Reviewers are saying:

“I picked up this book twice. The first time, I read the first chapter. The second time, I read the entire book”

“[It returns] to a Tradition of Intelligent, Imaginative Fantasy”

“a refreshing…inspirational read”

“I recall scenes from the book so vividly, I am convinced I saw it happen”

A glimpse

There is an old church in the woods behind their school. There is a young, lovely woman there who wears a black dress and offers strange jobs…carving words into trees…planting posts and hanging buckets…capturing a horrible animal they’ve never seen before. There is a witch in a mansion house…there are giant men with white eyes…there are dedgers and chimeras and kadraums…

“Man has always known to defend against man and beast, but we protect him from that which he has forgotten.”

A powerful story

“We Kill Death” is a book that contains fantastical creatures, dark mysteries, and a band of friends seeking to understand what they discover. A novel for young and grown adults alike, written with rich language and great imagination, the story herein strays from tired themes concerning “chosen Ones” and “believing in yourself above all.” Instead, “We Kill Death” is a book written from love of fantasy and an understanding of real relationships meeting with the deep desires of humankind. Not merely a rehash of the genre full of wish-fulfillment and archetypes; at its core, “We Kill Death” is a story about love, friendship, courage, and death.

Get your copy today, and become lost in the adventure.


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