Vegan Bulgarian Recipes to Keep Body and Soul Healthy (European Cookbook Series)

| May 26, 2013


Vegan Bulgarian Recipes to Keep Body and Soul Healthy (European Cookbook Series)

Do You Love Vegan Food?

Check out my Bulgarian Vegan Recipes! 

Bulgarian cuisine is rightly famous for its hearty, slow-cooked dishes made with fresh vegetables and herbs. My vegan recipes are delicious and easy to prepare with common fruit and vegetables, legumes and herbs and are suitable for all dairy-free and low fat weight loss diets.

Table of Contents:
1. Salads and Appetizers
1.1. Beetroot Salad
1.2. The Best Orzo Salad
1.3. Fried Zucchinis with Tomato Sauce
1.4. Couscous Salad
1.5. Green Salad
1.6. Roasted Aubergines and Peppers Relish
1.7. Potato Salad
1.8. Haricot Bean Salad
1.9. Cabbage Salad
1.10. Roasted Peppers with Garlic and Parsley
1.11. Cucumber Salad
2. Soups
2.1. Tomato Soup
2.2. Monastery Style Haricot Bean Soup
2.3. Cream-less Cauliflower Soup
2.4. Mushroom Soup
2.5. Spinach Soup
2.6. Nettle Soup
2.7. Lentil Soup
3. Main Dishes
3.1. Green Pea Stew
3.2. Green Pea and Mushroom Stew
3.3. Leek Stew
3.4. Potato and Leek Stew
3.5. Zucchinis and Rice
3.6. Spinach with Rice
3.7. Vegetable Stew
3.8. Baked Haricot Beans
3.9. Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers
3.10. Stuffed Red Bell Peppers with Haricot Beans
3.11. Stuffed Grapevine Leaves – Lozovi Sarmi
3.12. Green Beans and Potato Stew
3.13. Cabbage and Rice Stew
3.14. Rice with Leeks and Olives
3.15. Rice and Tomatoes
3.16. Roasted Cauliflower
3.17. Stuffed Cabbage Leaves – Zelevi Sarmi
3.18. New Potatoes with Herbs
4. Desserts
4.1. Baked Apples
4.2. Pumpkin Baked with Dry Fruit
4.3. Pumpkin Pastry
4.4. Apple Pastry
4.5. Pumpkin Cake
4.6. Vegan Cake


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