Epsom Salt: Natural Remedies for Health, Beauty and Home

| March 17, 2016


Epsom Salt: Natural Remedies for Health, Beauty and Home

Epsom Salt has been the talk of the town for some time. Victoria Bekham and Gwyneth Paltrow attributed their flat stomachs to it! Contestants of “Dancing with the Stars” confessed to using Epsom salt to relieve pain, erase bruises, and recondition their bodies for the next highly-taxing dance round.

For some, Epsom Salt may just be something one would group together with baking soda and borax, possibly. Maybe it would be something between a cleaning agent and a folk remedy. Perhaps it was just Grandma who knew about it but couldn’t convince you to try it. But now, you hear about it in news headlines, mom blogs, fashion and beauty magazines, celebrity gossip, and websites on alternative medicine, medical articles, and testimonies from athletes – you name it. Epsom Salt is definitely making a splash. Many swear by its myriad of benefits. It is said to be effective for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, speeding recovery, fighting off the cold and flu, beautifying skin and hair, cleansing, detoxifying, regulating blood pressure, and so much more. Not only does it heal and beautify, it is also has wonderful uses in gardening, pet care, and even in making crafts.

And, to top this all – it’s cheap!

This book gives a bit of history and an explanation of the principle behind the use and the beneficial effects of Epsom salt. Here you will find recipes for health, beauty, home, garden, pets, and more. The recipes’ uses are written in bold letters above each one. You will find most of the recipes simple and easy to follow.

Epsom salt is actually not a new fad. It has been recognized for its many uses for several centuries. As you turn the pages of this book, you will find many ways to use Epsom salt to heal, perhaps not only the body, but the soul as well. You’ll experience firsthand what everyone’s raving about!

Inside you’ll find:

• What is Epsom salt and a short history of this amazing natural remedy

• The numerous benefits of Epsom salt

• The countless uses for Epsom Salt

• Lots of recipes including:

? Epsom salt recipes for health like the Shoulder Pain Remedy, the Cold Cure or the Epsom Salt Footbath

? Epsom salt recipes for beauty such as the Foot Scrubs, the Hair Volumizer or the Lip Smoothener

? Epsom salt recipes for the home like the Cookware Cleaner or the Laundry Detergent

? Epsom salt recipes for the garden like the Lawn Fertilizer

? Epsom salt recipes for your pets like the Itch Reliever for Dogs

Scroll back and grab your copy now!



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