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Asia Through Our Eyes: Part 2 – India

We are a 50+ year old (actually nearer 60) married couple from the south-east of England. In 2006 we took the decision to give up our home and jobs to join the numerous other back-packers travelling around the globe in search of new experiences.

Our plan was to sell our home of 25 years and use the bulk of the equity to buy a smaller property outright in a cheaper part of the country. Any remaining balance would fund our trip. We reasoned that if we put off the decision any longer, we might make a larger profit on the house sale but other factors such as health may prevent us from such adventurous travels in the future.

Little did we know then that the UK would be hit by recession within the year and our decision to sell at that time turned out to be spot on.

Whilst many people travel without having seen any of their own country first, we are fortunate in that we have had the opportunity to extensively visit almost every region of not only England but Scotland, Wales and Ireland too. Our travels have also taken us to the USA on several occasions as well as to two Caribbean islands. In addition, we have visited a fair number of European countries.

However, we had never visited Asia before so this seemed the obvious first choice. Not only would the culture be totally different to what we were used to but our money would go much further there than in many parts of the world. The plan was to travel for as long as our budget would last and then come back to England to pursue our interest in family history by setting up our own genealogical research business.

This book is the second of a series based on the blogs that we wrote whilst on our travels.

Although each book picks up from where its predecessor left off, each one is about our experiences in a different country so can just as easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone work.

Please note, it is a very personal account, liberally spread with tongue-in-cheek remarks and ‘British’ humour that may not be appreciated by everybody. Bear in mind also, that our experiences of Asia will, in all probability, be very different to yours and just because we would happily throttle the next bus company agent who crosses our path, doesn’t mean that you will feel the same. Oops, there I go again!

We hope you enjoy following our adventures as we make our plans, go on our trip and finally return home.

Mike Coad


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