Life In The Gumball Machine

| May 26, 2013


Life In The Gumball Machine

—“Adventure. it is the funniest thing that I have ever read and I love it so much more than even Rick Riordan’s books.” Joci
—“This was an enjoyable kids book. Lots of sticky pinkness everywhere. Easy to see this as a Saturday morning cartoon.” Jen, New Englund
—“My…daughter absolutely hates to read but simply will not put this book down! I can’t get her to stop! We homeschool so she does read alot for school but not much recreational reading – until this book showed up on her Kindle!” H. Dunigan, PA

How can anyone get sucked up and into a gumball machine? Impossible? Not if you find a magic gumball machine! Life in the Gumball Machine is a chapter book for new readers. It’s a story of great fun and adventure when three friends, Daisy, Patrick, and Michael, find an abandoned gumball machine – a big one, almost as tall as they are – hidden in an old shed. After simply touching it, they magically shrink in size, and a strong force of freezing wind sucks them up the swirling tunnel and into the gumball machine. They land in a world with purple grass, a pink sky, and gumball trees. The latch is locked, and there is no escape! When they start searching for another way out, they encounter a variety of gumball people, each one a different color from the next. Their new gumball friends take the children on the adventure of a lifetime – including a slide that takes them down Pudding Hill!

–“My 9 year old read the book in its entirety in 1 day! He chose to read over play video games. He would laugh out loud while reading!” Danielle
–“My grandchildren (ages 6, 8 and 9) absolutely loved the book.” Judy
–“My twin nieces (9 years old) took turns reading aloud to the whole car the entire drive. The book was so entertaining they ended up reading it again on the way home.” Msliz
–“…a positive message of accepting everyone for who they are.” Geodude
–“I fell in love with the book myself. It is so well written and is such a reminder for everyone (adult or child) that even if people look or seem different, we are all the same and should be treated as such.” Judy
–“Would love to see more books by this author (and definitely a movie!).” Kylie L. Matupang


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