Broken Trust (Missing in Action Trilogy Book 1)

| March 18, 2016


Broken Trust: Mystery and Suspense (Missing in Action Trilogy Book 1)

Detective John Watson longs for a change of pace in his career. The seemingly endless stream of mundane, run of the mill divorce cases have sullied his motivation for the job he once couldn’t imagine living without. Watson aches for excitement – where are the Mafia hits, the gangster rivals and the serial killers he always dreamt of catching?

Watson is at a cross-roads. Give up his passion for crime, continue stalking wayward husbands for angry wives or give it all up for a steady paycheck elsewhere?

Mrs. Olivia Shapiro’s case is just the elixir he needs to turn his life around. As fate would have it, Olivia’s husband, James is a missing person. The key objective is that he must be found. Or so it seems.

Detective Watson soon realizes this simple case is not so simple after all. Just when he thinks the kidnapping mystery is solved…a new twist enters the mix. Questions and answers swirl within a web of deceit, it’s his job to decipher who is telling the truth and what is a ghost-chase. As he moves deeper into a family’s past, Watson finds himself entrapped in a much larger conspiracy than he ever dreamt he’d investigate. Why is James Shapiro really missing?


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