Novel Concept

| March 19, 2016


Novel Concept

A young aspiring writer decides to live a more exciting life so he’ll know more stuff because he’s been told a writer has to “write what you know.”

Max Federman goes through a series of unfortunate adventures attempting to sneak into the lives of the rich and famous so he can write a best-selling pot-boiler of a novel. Yeah, it’s a bad plan from the get-go as he stows away on a cruise line. Sure, he meets a lovely French girl, but he also has to deal with an annoying US Senator and a serial killer.

Knocked off the boat during a struggle, Max is rescued and brought to France, where he gets involved in a undercover caper, attempting to thwart a crime kingpin’s plan to open up a new drug pipeline to America. Here he crosses paths with an old school buddy, a sexy moll, and a really cranky banker.

Naturally, he winds up in a Turkish prison, and finds himself up against cut throats, murders, and supernatural powers that he may or may not be responsible for. Nevertheless, various prison gangs are vying for control of them.

From there, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the odd little kingdom of Lacertosa. Here, Max winds up on both side of a coup d’état. Sure he admires the goals of the revolutionaries and is smitten with a pair of twins he’s been teamed up with, but he also gets to meet the lovely princess of the country.

It’s a wide and wacky road trip that breaks the rules (and often the fourth wall) to tell the tale of the unbreakable Max Federman, a young man who attempts to hitchhike his way into the literary realm a with only a notebook and stubby pencil, trying to come up with a great American novel concept that contains the stench of hilarity.


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