| March 19, 2016



A man suddenly appears in the small town of New Falls, Alabama. He doesn’t know exactly where he is, but if he can locate a certain scientist/professor he has certain important information to tell him. He also needs his help in getting back home.

Something has followed this man to this unfamiliar land. It came through with him as nothing more than a mist. When a stray dog comes to investigate the man the mist falls on the dog disappearing into it.

While sitting on the back porch of his mansion Reverend Ezekiel Powell spots a light in the woods. Curious he heads for it.

A large black dog begins attacking farm animals. This worries Sheriff Barry Banes, because he is afraid that if this dog is not stopped it will soon attack people. His worries grow when a small boy suddenly vanishes from his front yard. Now, he must discover what is happening in this small town before he loses complete control.

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