The 7.0% Solution: Guaranteed Growth in a 0.7% World

| March 14, 2016


The 7.0% Solution: Guaranteed Growth in a 0.7% World

Keep your funds insured and safe, while earning interest rates that are far above average. Author leverages 30+ years of experience in the banking/securities/insurance world to ferret out the best places for safety and growth, available to rich and poor alike. The first few weeks of 2016 saw over $6 Trillion of value vaporized from investors’ accounts before the end of January. Readers invested in the products and strategies discussed in this book have lost nothing, have kept their earnings rates up, and their money insured. Also includes a chapter discussing alternative assets, and how they can be used to protect legacy goals. A valuable resource for every family library; especially those at or near retirement, who need income but do not want to risk their nest egg to a volatile market, or run out of funds because of interest rates at a 5000-yr low…


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