Free Online College Courses Now!

| March 15, 2016


Free Online College Courses Now!

This book lists and describes a multitude of online sources where the reader can take college courses for no cost and no college credit. These courses are for personal learning in a wide variety of technical and non-technical courses from the most prestigious institutions of higher education on the planet.

Some of the institutions offer a certificate of completion (if all the course requirements are met and tests taken/passed) for a small administrative fee, which can be used by the student to show an employer, for example, that he/she is showing initiative in preparing for more responsibility and advancement.

Some high school and college students may wish to use the online courses as additional study resources. The courses are also good preparation for college entrance exams, such as SAT.

Parents and tutors can use the online courses to assist their students.

Teachers can use the course material to prepare lesson plans.

Employers can recommend courses to employees where additional training will be helpful on the job.


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