XYLO: A Novel In Three Branches

| March 15, 2016


XYLO: A Novel In Three Branches

Sometimes it takes a Tree to save a Forest!

And Celia Springvale was seeking that tree: the enigmatic tree-being with the chlorophyllic eyes and branch-like arms that seemed to be reaching out to her through the fog of traumatic memory, and haunting all her waking dreams: Xylo…

For, long ago, they had been torn apart, when both mere saplings, and their roots brutally severed. Now they must find one another, reunite, entwine, and together save a stand of pristine rainforest from the jaws of rapacious developers.

One of those “developers” Celia’s evil stepbrother – Auldrin Lochlothian – who had so much to be held accountable for…

“An inTreeguing eco-thriller for the young and sapient: All you need is be-Leaf.”


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