Back to Bayou Sabine: A Novella

| March 18, 2016


Back to Bayou Sabine: A Novella

When Enza Parker’s mother abandoned her and her father fifteen years ago, Enza abruptly stopped spending summers with her grandmother in Louisiana. Her father removed all traces of the two women from Enza’s life.

Now, thirty-one-year-old Enza is drawn back to Bayou Sabine to attend her grandmother’s funeral. In the bayou, memories surge forth, and questions about her past and her family’s intentions flood Enza’s mind. And an encounter with an enigmatic young man offers a hint of what her future may bring—if she doesn’t turn her back on her roots.

A prequel to the novel Bayou My Love.

Author Interview

What was your inspiration for the Bayou Sabine series?

It started with a dare. In a grad school, I wrote a short story and dodged a love scene (and was teased mercilessly). I was writing with a more literary bent so my friend dared me to get out of my comfort zone and write a romance story, saying it would help my other writing too. The more I wrote, the more fun I had, and it eventually turned into Bayou My Love. I fell in love with the characters, and didn’t want Enza’s and Jack’s stories to end with the last page of that novel. So I knew it had to be a series.

What do you hope readers will get out of your books?

I see mystery, humor, drama, and romance in some combination every day, and those elements are all woven into my books. I love the emphasis on character and language in literary fiction, so I can’t help but weave that in as well. But in the end, I just want readers to enjoy being a part of the world I create. I hope they enjoy the characters and their stories as much as I do.

How does the mystical and fiery setting of the Louisiana bayous play into your books?

Louisiana has an undeniable fire to it—the Bayou heat. It’s mysterious and fascinating to me because of its history and blend of cultures, its resilience, its passion for the arts, the connections people have to their histories and the land. There’s beauty, mystery, and heartache, just like in every good story–it was the natural setting for Enza’s story because she embodies those elements herself, even if she doesn’t realize it until she’s there.

In what order should I read the books?

Each book in the Bayou Sabine series can stand alone, but I recommend the following:

Bayou My Love, to get straight to Enza and Jack’s story and their steamy romance

Back to Bayou Sabine, for a glimpse of how it all started

Bayou, Whispers from the Past, to see where Enza and Jack’s story goes next (Fall 2016)

Beneath Our Skin, a short story you can get for free just by joining my mailing list:

What are your favorite genres to read?

My favorites are women’s fiction, literary fiction, and paranormal romance. I’ve spent my life reading books and watching TV shows in a wide variety of genres, so it’s no surprise that my books contain elements of each. I respond to certain things in each genre, whether it’s wit, an unforgettable love scene, or the zing of a top-notch metaphor. Ultimately, though, the books I love best have characters that thrill and haunt me–and bring me delight.


Women’s Fiction Romance

Southern Romance

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Steamy Romance / Sexy Romance

A novella that takes us to the Louisiana bayous, and sets the stage for the steamy romance novel, Bayou My Love

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