Intelligence Accelerator: Unlock Your Creative Genius

| March 21, 2016


Intelligence Accelerator: Unlock Your Creative Genius

You were born a genius. Only by the time you finished elementary school, your super memory and genius creativity was replaced by an obedient input-output machine. In you didn’t do well in school, it’s not your fault. Not only is classical education the worst environment for learning, it wasn’t even designed to be a teaching system! In this easy to read book, you’ll learn how to rediscover your inner genius. You’ll learn simple techniques to turn your mind into a steel trap, allowing you instant recall of any information you’d like to remember. You’ll learn simple exercises that will increase your IQ and solve any problem with ease. You’ll learn simple system to learn the most common words in any language within a hundred days. You’ll learn a very powerful yet silly creative technique that will not only impress your friends, but significantly increase your earning potential. Easy concepts, simple yet powerful exercises and proven results. Get this book today and change your life forever.


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