The Return

| March 26, 2016


The Return: Mystery and Suspense

Lydia Chen is a young woman who loses her job as a special needs consultant. This happens after she tries out a few experimental procedures on some of the patients but do not prove successful. Her colleges think that her methods are not of the right standard and ridicule her. Frustrated, Lydia quits her job and heads on home only to find that her fiancé was leaving her after a three year relationship. Lydia’s luck seems to have turned sour when she goes in search of a job and finds nothing good for her. Resigned, she decides to relocate to Atlanta and start afresh.

Lydia copes well in Atlanta and gets a job with the local police of the Savannah precinct. Her experience comes in handy in a case when she has to deal with a special kid who’s disappeared from home for a decade and turns up with memory loss. Lydia finds the job challenging and immediately starts to dig deeper into the case to find more clues. Lydia however finds the case strange, there are a few tell-tale signs that she cannot see in Stanley (the special need kid) and she decides to act on her gut feeling. Her instincts lead her to a further investigation streak which takes her back to Stanley’s University.

The clues that Lydia stumbles upon, suggest that Stanley might not be the man he says he is. Though she has no concrete evidence, Lydia has to decide whether to raise her suspicions with Stanley’s family or hide her findings and let them live in peace. What will Lydia do?

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