A Rare Find

| March 27, 2016


A Rare Find: Love Romance

Kara Cole, a paleontologist who received her PhD at eighteen, works hard to get local billionaire Noah Saunders to fund a dig site for her museum’s team. When he agrees to provide the funding they need however, Kara runs in to trouble with her bigoted boss who decides he would rather have his boys only team out on the site. Fortunately for Kara, Noah Saunders is attracted to her dig proposal as well as her reputation. Threatening to pull funding, Noah soon gets Kara on as the lead of the dig team…but is Kara’s reputation all that he is interested in?

During dig site orientation Kara makes the most personal introduction she can think of and things quickly heat up. But when Kara later ignores a knock on her hotel room door we are left to wonder if Noah will ever get over feeling slighted.


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