Hope to Die (Too Much Luck Book 3)

| March 28, 2016


Hope to Die: Mystery Series (Too Much Luck Book 3)

Jacob Moby never wanted to be a hunted fugitive. He never wanted his girlfriend to get murdered. Moby never wanted those things, but he did want just about everything else. He was a man with a great appetite, but once he crossed billionaire tycoon Hassan Khan, Jacob Moby had finally bitten off more than he could chew.

Now, he found himself at the end of his rope, bruised, bleeding and broken. Luckily, he did have a friend in all this mess. Paul Denver was just a limousine driver with a whole lot of debt and a wife who loved sweets, but he became entangled in Hassan Khan’s twisted assassination game when he tried to help Jacob Moby. One minute, the pair are licking their wounds in a caravan park. The next minute, they are on the run again with more dead bodies stacking up along the way.

Who can you trust when everyone is out to kill you? That’s the question that Jacob Moby is forced to rehash over and over again. There seems to be no way out of this sick game, so Moby decides to go after the people responsible for starting the wager in the first place. The wealthy barons who have been overseeing this blood sport become the next targets on Jacob Moby’s personal hit list.

When Paul Denver finds an advertisement for a meeting in New York City, (which is sure to have all the guilty parties in attendance), he and Jacob Moby go after Hassan Khan and his right hand man, Stephen Mallory. Without much of a plan and a worldwide manhunt after him, Jacob Moby decides to press his luck one last time.


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