The Children of Calm

| August 19, 2016


Rylek cherishes his hometown of Calm. It is there that he, his twin sister, and their twin best friends were born under mysterious circumstances amid whispers of fulfilled ancient prophecies. However, Rylek and the other children are not told of these prophecies as they are raised within the seemingly idyllic borders of Calm, secluded from The Outside. Now on the eve of their fifteenth birthday, they must soon set out on a ritualistic journey known as The Finding. But once Rylek is entrusted with highly confidential information that could jeopardize all he has come to believe about his life, he finds himself torn between trusting in prophecies and keeping faith with those whom he cares for most. Through perilous adventures and the discoveries of long-forgotten civilizations, will their friendships be torn apart by secrets they each possess? Only through the decoding of the prophecies and his own willingness to sacrifice all he loves will Rylek hope to uncover the staggering truth.

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