Mobi Machine (Your Kindle Formatting Butler)

| May 28, 2013


Mobi Machine (Your Kindle Formatting Butler)

Do it yourself Kindle formatting the easy way.

Do you want to publish a book on Amazon? Maybe just your memoir or
family history to a small circle of family and friends? Either way,
this book is for you.

This book is approachable even by authors with limited computer
skills. You do not need to edit HTML. You do not need to rework your
word processor “styles”.

This book will help you get published by showing you how to set up a
“mobi machine” to turn your manuscript into an eBook at the touch of a
button (the double click of a mouse). The result is a mobi file which
you can upload to Amazon or share directly with a circle of friends
and family.

This is the very system we use at Nepo Press.

It completely bypasses the problem of applying the correct word
processor “styles” or fooling around with HTML.

The trick is to add some simple, visible markup to your manuscript
then feed that to the mobi machine. The result is a professional
looking eBook, without the formatting errors that are so common.

What does a mobi machine cost? Nothing extra at all. It is included
in the price of this book.

Does this sound too good to be true? Even if it works great, that
doesn’t help if it is too complicated for you to use. Can *you* do
it? Yes! It’s that easy. Setting up the mobi machine will take
about an hour, but it only needs to be done once. It doesn’t matter if
you are a complete computer novice. All you have to do is follow the
cookbook-style step-by-step recipe. To make it even easier, the book
points you to some short YouTube videos that demonstrate each step.

You *can* do it. If you are the least bit nervous or skeptical, start
by downloading the sample then watch the first video mentioned and
follow along, trying it on your own computer. It is so easy, an adult
could do it.

If you would prefer not to set it up on your own computer, Nepo Press also offers a formatting service (


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