Delicious Poultry: Top 19 Recipes and Dishes From Turkey Duck and Quail, With Illustrations

| March 24, 2016


Delicious Poultry: Top 19 Recipes and Dishes From Turkey Duck and Quail, With Illustrations

Discover delicious poultry recipes

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I present to you a cookbook with tasty and interesting recipes. Here you will find dishes of duck, quail, geese and other birds. All recipes with pictures that make cooking easier and more precise. Even a young mistress, who had not earlier prepared, will be able to cook a duck in cranberry sauce along with other delicacies.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn in Poultry Cookbook

    • Table Of Contents


  • Chapter 1 – Quails, marinated in ginger with cranberry sauce



  • Chapter 2 – Quails stuffed with buckwheat and bacon



  • Chapter 3 – Casserole with turkey, broccoli and potatoes under the “Bechamel” sauce



  • Chapter 4 – Duck with buckwheat in pots



  • Chapter 5 – Duck stewed with cabbage and cranberry sauce



  • Chapter 6 – Quails, marinated tomatoes and onions



  • Chapter 7 – Duck stuffed with apples



  • Chapter 8 – Turkey cutlets, fried with tomato and cheese



  • Chapter 9 – Pasta with pumpkin and turkey breast



  • Chapter 10 – Quails marinated in wine, baked with vegetables and bacon



  • Chapter 11 – Duck legs, stewed with apples, cranberries and oranges



  • Chapter 12 – Quails with rice, mushrooms and mushroom sauce



  • Chapter 13 – Duck stuffed with mushrooms and potatoes



  • Chapter 14 – Rolls of turkey with pepper



  • Chapter 15 – Rolls of turkey stuffed with broccoli and runner beans



  • Chapter 16 – Turkey fillet with cranberry sauce



  • Chapter 17 – Turkey fillet, fried with rice and pineapple



  • Chapter 18 – Goose stuffed



  • Chapter 19 – Turkey fillet, fried with dried apricot



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