Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History

| March 26, 2016


Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History: Aztec Eagle Warriors, Feudal Japan Shinobi Ninja Warriors, Viking Berserkers, Viking Varangian Guard, ... Warriors (Warriors Shape History Book 1)

Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History is the first volume in this series. You will find 5 amazingly true histories of the greatest warriors and warrior classes to have ever lived. Follow me as we discover their greatest hours in history and the moments that solidified their place among history’s most elite warriors.

Aztec Eagle Warriors:

The victor writes history. As a result, forgotten in those historical texts are the true stories of some of history’s greatest civilizations, people, battles and warriors. Included in this unfortunate lot sits the Aztec Eagle Warriors. One of the most elite and feared fighting forces the world has ever seen, the Eagle Warriors were truly the greatest warriors of Mesoamerica’s Spartan culture, the Aztecs.

Hawaiian Koa Warriors:

In a tropical isolated landscape the Islands of Hawaii’s indigenous Polynesian people have endured centuries in a constant state of war amongst each other. Throughout all of the islands is a team of elite crack troops hailing from the island of Hawaii. They are the Koa Warriors and they are the most elite and dominate warriors in Hawaii’s history.

Their hand to hand combat is one of the most brutal ever recorded. Around the corner in the near future these men will face what will seem to them a near mythical and divine force they have yet to encounter. This is the true story of how the Hawaiian Koa Warriors took on the might of the grand British Empire- and won.

Viking Berserkers:

They are the pagan fanatics that hail from the rugged, harsh, and frozen lands of Scandinavia. They are said to be drug fueled warriors who have the ability to transform into wild animals. History remembers them for their blood-lust and ruthless head first approach into battle. Amongst the most feared and efficient killers of their times, they are making their way through Medieval Europe leaving a trail of scorched towns and blood soaked earth behind them. Ahead of them terror lurks in the hearts of the peace loving Christians in their path. They are the legendary Viking Berserkers. On an English bridge in 1066 one Berserker will stand alone against an army of 15,000 and solidify his brethren Berserker’s place as some of history’s most elite ancient warriors.

Fida’i Assassins:

They are the deadliest Special Forces in the medieval world. Their symbol is the dagger. They are experts in disguise and masters of stealth. They strike out of nowhere. Terror is their greatest weapon. This is the story of how a tiny community takes on the most feared warlords of their day. They will become a legend of their own time as well as today. This the true story of the first true assassins and the birth of terrorism. They are the Fida’i Assassins.

Varangian Guard:

They hail from a culture unlike any other this part of the world has seen. They are bred on warfare, pillaging, and plundering. They wield heavy and deadly weapons and they are some of the most efficient and violent fighters the world has ever seen. They are Vikings for hire. They are the elite Special Forces in service to a foreign ruler. They conquer unruly territories across the great Byzantine Empire. This is the true story of the Varangian Guard and the legendary rise of Harald Hardrada.

Q – So, what makes your new series, Most Fierce Ruthless Warriors That Shaped History, special?

A – Honestly, it is a mix of things. I love diving deep into history and the lesser known stories of those who shaped history. I’m not referring to the popular historical figures like Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, or Julius Caesar. I mean the history regarding them is awesome stuff but this series makes a conscious effort to go beyond the typical textbook history.


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