Travel Broke: Go Around the World with Less Than $30 a Day

| March 26, 2016


Travel Broke: Go Around the World with Less Than $30 a Day. (Guide to Adventure Cheap Around the World Book 1)

Have you been considering an extended trip abroad? Are you in the process of planning one already? Travel is an adventure; it can be awe-inspiring, mind-altering and eye-opening but also hilarious fun and at times, really tough.

To experience different cultures, meet people from all over the world, take in beautiful sights and try foods that you’d never imagined in your wildest dreams can be overwhelming in both a good and a bad way.

It has been drilled into us by magazines that travel should be glamorous; cocktail in hand and toes dipped in pristine turquoise waters at all times. In truth, I’m sure travel can be like that if you have an unlimited budget!

The real country with all its characteristics and quirks are just asking to be discovered, but so many people have neither the courage nor aptitude to ever venture out of the safety and comfort of their all-inclusive safe haven.

What You Will Learn From This Book:

1.How to travel like a real backpacker.

2.How to save money.

3.How to know when to splurge and when to save.

4.How to plan your trip efficiently.

5.How to find cheap places to sleep.

6.How to not get ripped off in other countries as a foreigner.

7.How to find cheap places to eat.

8.How to party cheap.

9.How to get to places cheap.

10.How to get around cheap.

11.How to see and do cheap stuff without compromising on the fun.

12.How to decide which countries you should go to.


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