The Vicarage Bench Anthology (The Vicarage Bench Series Book 4)

| March 27, 2016


The Vicarage Bench Anthology (The Vicarage Bench Series Book 4)

Imagine having to share your body with an invading time traveller.

Dr. Tobias Andrews, guardian of the magic, assists each trapped spirit—

but not until every story’s happy ending is assured.

In She’s Me, chubby, shy Lucy McGillicuddy who lives in a small English village in 1963 is forced to share herself with 2006 top model Jenna McBride. This experience teaches them both valuable lessons that enable them to finally accept true love.

In He’s Her, schoolteacher Carrie Temple has to make space for Vegas casino owner Rhett Parks, whose spirit invades her heart as well as her mind, and won’t leave. At first she desperately wants him to get out, but soon she can’t bear for them to be apart.

In We’re One, Vegas nightclub star Crystal Davis wants nothing to do with men until she’s seduced by Ashley Parks while they flee from a killer. Ashley traps her spirit inside of him to keep her safe, but she soon convinces him to trust her—it’s his safety they need to worry about.


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