The Story of the Kid Who Never Gave Up!

| March 28, 2016


Children's book: The Story of the Kid Who Never Gave Up! (Book for kids) Beginner readers-values: Bedtime Stories for Kids: For kids who like Jokes, Minecraft, Games, Fun time, Funny moral books

Children’s book: “The Kid who never gave up”

This is a a story of a boy named Max who used to give up easily. Then he learns the value of never giving up while playing a football match.

This story is best for bedtime stories beginner / early reader story for kids. best inspirational stories, value tales.

Most importantly it offers kids (and adults) a perspective That family and friendship are big part of life. This is an important message and at the right age and It’s a sweet book to snuggle up to with your children anytime.***The story is recommended to – read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers. Dealing with: friendship, emotions. Most of all it teaches us the spirit to never give up.


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