He’s a good dog. (He just doesnt like you to laf.) (Collected verse Book 3)

| April 1, 2016


He's a good dog. (He just doesnt like you to laf.) (Collected verse Book 3)

“A Boot Boy in the Great War” is a verse and drama novela.

A publishing agent forbad any stories about the Battle of Jutland or the pet budgie.

This book manages to break both tabus, together with a host of other undesirables.

The good dog (who first appeared in book 1 of this series) is among a tridogy of six turns of verse by Dafty Tailchaser.

The first three sections are of children, animals and acting, following the WC Fields principle of not putting them together.

Section four continues with satires on those actors, the politicians, having degenerated from representatives of the people to presentatives of what money and power want: more money and power.

Section five contains poems of loneliness.

A sixth section, for a little light relief, is a short essay on Proportional Representation for peace-making power-sharing.

The novela of the boot boy closes the first section to a beachcomber collection of otherwise more or less short poems/pieces (163 on the last count).


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