Toronto: A Retrospective Travelogue

| April 3, 2016


Toronto: A Retrospective Travelogue: CN Tower | Casa Loma | Fort York | Toronto Islands | And More.....

Not your typical Toronto guide book. A look back at my holiday to the city in the late 1980s – the attractions I saw, the things I did. A semi-autobiographical retrospective travelogue and look back at 1980s Toronto

I visited Toronto as a young man in the late 1980s. Quite an adventure for a (then) twenty year old from England on his first big adventure abroad. It made quite a lasting impression on me which I thought I had no record of it other than memories until I found a bunch of photographs I took whilst in Toronto. That gave me the idea to write this “retrospective travelogue” of my time in Canada by including the photographs which have helped to bring back more memories of Toronto in 1987.

Inside you have the story of my Toronto adventure told around the photographs giving that retrospective look back at visiting such places as the CN Tower, Casa Loma, Fort York, Niagara Falls and other places together with a bit of a look at how things may have changed since.

Inside you have my photographs and recollections of various Toronto landmarks such as:

    • CN Tower


  • Casa Loma



  • Fort York



  • Toronto Islands



  • Hockey Hall of Fame



  • And other landmarks and attractions too as I explored the city and wider such as Wasaga Beach and Niagara Falls



I hope you enjoy this semi-autobiographical retrospective about Toronto in 1987 based on my photographs and recollections of my time there. This book is approximately 11,500 words long.

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