Geese in School

| April 4, 2016


Kids Book: Geese in School (Kids Picture Book and Kids Book About Nature)

The class at Mrs. Array’s Kindergarten is excited when a mother goose decides to build her nest and lay her eggs in the school courtyard. It’s so much fun to watch her get ready for her new family, and so exciting when the adorable baby goslings finally hatch. There’s just one problem: the mother goose can fly but her little ones aren’t old enough yet. How will they ever get out of the school courtyard?

‘Kids Book: Geese in School(Kids Picture Book and Kids Book About Nature)’ is a delightful inspirational story for kids. A great kids book that can be read to those younger than 5, a read alone or with guidance book for kids age 5-8, or a read alone tale for kids 9-12.

This kids book is beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate the imagination of every child enjoying it.

A wonderful addition to any library, especially those collecting kids picture adventure books for the Kindle or picture books about nature.

This kids book is appropriate for reading to children anytime including at bedtime.


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