Broken Heart

| April 4, 2016


Broken Heart: Romance Mystery

Maggie Faulkner buried her true identity long ago in order to live in the shadow of her politically aspiring husband Leonard. So much so that over the years, she becomes sarcastic, pessimistic and cynical; and it is forever embarrassing, especially to her daughter Gillian. When Maggie and Leonard divorce, guess what she is faced with? The absence of Leonard’s distracting shadow and the non-existence of exposure to unconditional relationships with the people closest to her.

Oh, how much we learn about ourselves from our mere association with children! Raymond, a parent-less, seven year old boy whose childlike stare tugs at Maggie’s very soul, waters her parched heart. Raymond finds in Maggie, the ‘mother’ he thought he’d lost.

Geoffrey, a divorcee like herself, recognizes a kinship spirit in Maggie and, like a gardener who talks to his plants, develops a relationship with her that nourishes both their lonely hearts and helps her buried identity to blossom.

And Gillian gets to see her mother’s true identity which she only felt over these years. This speaks volumes in answering her query, “Sometimes Mom, I wonder how I ever grew up normal with you.”

The ultimate question is however, what happens when Leonard decides that he wants Maggie back in his life and she returns ‘home’ to all the memories of the life they had so carefully crafted together? Will she return to him? No, can she return to him now that her true identity is no longer buried?


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