Alien Eye

| April 4, 2016


Alien Eye: Fantasy Romance

Tim McNamee, a young IT professional, relates the story of his adult life to his dying cyborg wife, Mina. He tells her of the failed relationships that led to his decision to purchase her and about their brief life together from his point of view.

But as the story progresses we come to learn that Mina is special – she searches for a soul, for a spark that she believes all humans have and that she wants to have too. Is there something there, and can a cyborg be more than a machine? If God loves all of his creations, then can he love a machine too?

Mina’s restlessness causes her to search for answers to the nature of her being and the pursuit leads to an underground religious group known as the Association of God’s Children. However, it also results in Mina exiting her habitation zone without permission from the company that built her.

Mina is caught between Tim, the only love of her short life, and a spiritual search that threatens to reveal more about the nature of her being than she could possibly imagine. Tim thinks of her as an independent person, but his sensibilities are tested when she claims to have supernatural powers. Will Mina’s yearning for something more become their undoing?

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