Hey Kids! Let’s Visit New York City: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids

| April 3, 2016


Hey Kids! Let's Visit New York City: Fun Facts and Amazing Discoveries for Kids

Fun and Exciting Facts about things to do in New York City!
Hey Kids! Did you know…

  • There is a beach and amusement park only a subway ride away from downtown Manhattan – and the National Hot Dog Eating Contest is held there every July 4?
  • In NYC you can see a Chinese parade in the afternoon and then visit a real Italian restaurant at night?
  • There’s a 60 foot tall Ferris Wheel in a toy store in Times Square?
  • There’s a building in NYC that looks like an iron?

You can read about all of these things and more in Hey Kids! let’s Visit New York City! The book is full of fun New York City facts and photos, and you will enjoy it whether you are preparing for a vacation with the family, or simply wanting to learn a little more about some New York City attractions.

Younger kids will love this neat way to visit NYC through reading with their family!

Teresa Mills is the number one bestseller author of the Hey Kids! Let’s Visit Series of children’s books! This visit to New York will give kids age 9 – 12 a virtual tour of the Big Apple along with some fun facts about the attractions in New York City. Kids of all ages will love to pictures of the things to do in NYC.

So, scroll back to the top, and grab this fun filled book to Visit New York City! 


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